Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Week One, Day Two

I should've known better than to send my husband to get groceries ALONE. He's an amazing budget shopper, but not great at sticking to a budget (hope that makes sense). You send him for one thing and he comes back with five because he saw a great deal on this or that. Usually they are things that we need, BUT part of this project is only shopping one week at a time and limiting our purchases based on preplanned recipes. We ran out of baby wipes, which prompted his trip to the store. He spent 49.46 - he did end up buying a lot of things that we could use throughout the week and most of the things that I need for the recipes I have planned. We only have 20.70 left, but we only need approximately three or four more things to get through this week. Anyone know where to look for curry paste? We don't have any special markets here so I'm wondering where normal grocers usually stock it - cold section in produce? Spice aisle?

I was super proud of myself. I ate pretty healthy and worked out quite a bit. I've realized though that I'm not coordinated enough to work out to fitness videos. I was going to take a long ride this evening, but it figures that it would start pouring rain. Fall is hitting early here so that means I will be on the hunt for a stationary bike so I can keep exercising through the winter.

Onto the food log....

The most unhealthy thing was obviously dinner. Sometimes a rainy evening just lends itself to comfort food. I made sure to eat a smaller portion because this was a meal high in fat, but it was delicious. I planned on just making fried potatoes and hot dogs, but decided to add everything together. This Idaho girl can make fine potatoes - I just add two tablespoons butter, four medium sized potatoes, paprika, parsley, seasoning salt, onion flakes, garlic, and pepper together and cook on medium heat until potatoes are golden brown and soft enough to put a fork through. Tonight, I just threw in some hot dogs and cheese and dinner was done!

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