Monday, August 23, 2010

Day One

Today marks the official start of our budget project. However, I am off to a horrible start. Unfortunately, today also is the beginning of the school semester. Things are quite hectic because we are all adjusting to new schedules and routines. I had great intentions - I packed a delicious lunch last night (crackers, cheese, grapes, and carrot sticks), BUT I remembered that I didn't have an ice pack to keep it cool OR even a lunch bag to put it in. I put a water bottle in the freezer to serve as a ghetto ice pack and planned on throwing everything in my messenger bag, but at the last minute decided that I didn't want to haul around a heavy frozen bottle all morning until my classes were over. So, I'll have to buy my lunch in the cafeteria today and buy all the necessary supplies this week. I'll make sure to post my daily expenses at the end of the day.

- Angela

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