Saturday, August 28, 2010

Today was one of those rare exception days. We had to drive three hours to pick up my oldest son, who was visiting his dad in Oregon. Spending six plus hours in the car has made us exhausted and grumpy. We have only three dollars remaining in our budget. We went grocery shopping on Friday to pick up things that we desperately needed. One local store has Fresh Fridays, where produce is drastically marked down. They always have AWESOME deals. I was able to nab a cantaloupe for one dollar and a ten pound bag of potatoes for ninety-eight cents. I cannot stress enough how important it is for families to SHOP AROUND!!! My husband is one of those guys who prefers to shop at just one place and be done with it, but I find the best way to do grocery shopping is pour through your local stores' weekly advertisements and compile lists of what you need from each store. Of course, this works best if you live in a small town like ours where grocery stores are only a few blocks away from each other. My other tip: check out bulk bins for things you don't use much of. I find that it's much better to buy a little of something from a bulk bin than pay 4 x's as much and end up throwing it out because it goes bad or gets stale. This week has been hectic, insane, and exhausting. If we didn't already have a semi-full fridge when the week began than we would've failed miserably. I apologize that we are kind of easing into everything - this is a huge adjustment for us. Now that things will settle down and we'll start getting used to new schedules we should be a lot more on top of things both health and budget wise. I've already been searching for recipes for next week...I've found two so far that I'm going to attempt: Red Lentil Curry W/ Homemade Naan and Coconut Curried Chicken. 

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