Monday, August 23, 2010

Day One Continued...

Sadly, today ended up being a day of what not to do. I explained earlier that I rushed off to school without lunch or snacks...well, that ended up costing me of course. On top of that, Jeff opted for a drive-thru lunch which goes against the very purpose of this blog. Here is the food break down.....

I started the day with a bowl of honey nut cheerios with cut up banana (no picture included). After peddling my bike to catch the bus at 6 AM and sitting in the cold for nearly 40 minutes, I was ready for a large cup of hot cocoa (2.50) and quickly discovered that you should never buy overpriced hot cocoa from a school cafeteria because it tastes like watered down burnt coffee. After my first class, I was famished because it had been six hours since breakfast. I rushed to the cafeteria and purchased this.... (6.25)

After consuming this sandwich, I vowed never to eat in the cafeteria again. I never imagined that a club could taste so awful. My afternoon snack before my third and final class was yogurt and part of an apple (2.21). For the record, Jeff's unhealthy lunch was only a whopping 1.98(and we wonder why poor people love fast food). Jeff made us his famous bean burritos for dinner, which are both cheap and healthy! I'm guessing dinner was approximately 5 dollars, but I'm unsure because we already had everything needed from a previous shopping adventure. 
Colton was not a fan of the burritos, but I'm guessing it is because they were more fun to play with than to eat. 

Any sane person would probably just decide to move the budget start date until tomorrow. However, I suppose there are going to be slip-ups every now and then so I might as well get used to it. Our remaining weekly budget is 87.06. 

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