Friday, September 10, 2010

I'm taking a short hiatus until next week. (School started this week for two of my kids AND I'm buried under assignments!)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I hate to admit this, especially because it's only Wednesday, BUT we went over our budget. AAAHHHH!!!! We are over by 2.24....I both can and cannot believe that this happened. The problem was that last week we spent more money on eating out than groceries, which meant that we were left with an empty fridge. I am going to deduct what we are over from next week's budget.

We started the day off with French Toast...

I lacked motivation for all things today. My homework is piled up begging for me to complete it, but I couldn't tear myself off the couch. I did manage to get a decent work out in and now I feel really sore. For dinner, I made something that I've never made before. I'm not sure if this recipe would be considered Thai or Indian, but it came out great. 

Here is the recipe for anyone who is curious. The only additional tip that I would share is to cook uncovered if you don't want to wait hours for dinner to get done.