Friday, February 4, 2011

Help Needed!

We haven't gone OVER budget, but I doubt we'll make it. Admittedly, I've done horribly sticking to our healthy eating plan too. This week has been a bucket full of stress and exhaustion. I had two major exams and one chapter test this week. I spent most of the week with excruciating migraines from information overload. I need help from you guys....two days a week I am in school for 10 + hours in a town 40 minutes away. Our bus system stopped transporting students back and forth. Therefore, I had to scramble and find a friend to carpool with. The only people I could find could offer me a ride TO school, but left hours before my last class ended. My husband has been having to pick up the kids and then rush down to get me after he gets off. He picks me up around 7 and then we get home around 8. We've been going through fast food drive thrus on these nights so the kids don't have to wait until an ungodly hour for dinner and because there is no way that I am making dinner after being in school so long. Any ideas for us? 

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  1. Oh, man! That does sound stressful! Sometimes on days like this, I pack the kids' lunchboxes. It takes a few minutes of prep, but PB&J or ham and cheese are healthier than drive-thru (and cheaper!) and the kids LOVE doing this!

    And hey - I want you to know that I just prayed for you. I'm praying that you will feel confident as you embark on this exciting journey! I'm sure it's nerve-wracking at times, but trust God's heart for you. Show those whipper-snappers who's boss. ;)